A Fullstack Software Developer.

My name is Matheus Leal and I am a Software Developer.

Matheus Leal Software Developer created and owner of this website.

A Brazilian Fullstack Developer with 4+ years experience of software development, located in Santa Catarina - Brazil, I’ve been working with the most current and sofisticated technologies available, building the best possible solutions to my costumers, getting really powerfull results and achieving total end-user satisfaction. I’m open to Job opportunities where I can contribute, learn and grow. If you have a good opportunity that matches with my skills and experiences don’t hesitate and feel free to contact me.

Skills & Techs


  • Software Engineer

    UOL Edtech | São Paulo - Brazil

    Nov 2022 | Now - 1yr 6mos

  • Software Engineer

    Digital Pages | São Paulo - Brazil

    Aug 2022 | Nov 2022 - 3mos

  • Font-end Software Developer

    Iteris Consulting & Software | São Paulo - Brazil

    Jun 2020 | Aug 2022 - 2yr 2mos

  • Front-end Software Developer

    M&M Software Solutions | São Paulo - Brazil

    Jan 2020 | Now - 4yr 4mos

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Here you can navigate and check out some projects I’ve worked in my trajectory. Some of them are still active, others have been discontinued.

Let’s talk about FPS games, series, news from the technologies' world or even about job opportunities. I’m a little bit busy but I promise that I’ll do my best to reply you ASAP.

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